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Dispatch Changes Coming

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Dispatch Change set for January 2, 2011.

We are in the final stages of our change from in-house dispatch to Mercy Communications Dispatch Center.

We began looking at ways to improve our dispatch center over a year ago. Prior to that time we were receiving caller and pertinent information from the local 911 centers. The 911 centers due to lack of funding were not able to provide EMS dispatching for us, and were then transferring callers to our in-house dispatchers.

This created some confusion for the callers and some delays in responding to the call for our crews.

It was at that time, we began searching for options to either improve our own dispatch center or create a central dispatch for EMS and Fire in the Lake Area. Neither of the options were likely or feasable at the time.

We approached Mercy Communications about contracting our dispatching, and they agreed to take on our dispatching through their center in Springfield, MO.

We researched many avenues to resolve our dispatch issues and felt Mercy Communcations Center provided the best possible answer for our needs and the needs of our citizens, and we believe this solution reduces the burden on our local 911 centers and is a positive step towards a more efficient and effective service to the community.

About Mercy Communications

Mercy Communications has the ability to recieve caller information such as name, address, phone number, and location via fiber optic lines from our local 911 centers directly to their Communication Center.

They have 6 EMD (Emergancy Medical Dispatch) trained dispatchers on duty at all times.

Thier dispatchers are all EMT or EMT-P trained.

We will be transitioning from our in-house dispatch to Mercy Communications Center Dispatch beginning January 2, 2011.

We thank our dispatchers for the professionalism and dedication they have provided through the years.

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