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Meet Our Board of Directors

Board Meeting Table
District Director Position Term
1 Kenneth "Ron" Riley Chairperson 2011-2014
2 Mark Gilbert Director 2009-2012
3 James Neff Secretary 2010-2013
4 Thomas Roof Director 2011-2014
5 Steve Christiansen Vice-Chairperson 2009-2012
6 Glen "Pee Wee" Helton Treasurer 2010-2013

If at any time a Board Member can not fullfil his/her term, the remaining Board Members may choose an individual from the represented sub-district to fullfil the remainder of the term.

Should the Lake West Board of Directors be unable to find an individual to take the vacant seat, the County Clerk will appoint someone from that sub-district.

Map of Sub-Districts by Director

Lake West Ambulance is goverened by a 6-member Board of Directors.

Each Board Member is elected by the citizens of his/her sub-district.

Sub-Districts are an equally divided (by population) portion of the District.

Elected Board Members serve a 3-year term.

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